3 Awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival for GREAT FREEDOM!

20. August 2021

was honored at the Sarajevo Film Festival with the CICAE Arthouse cinema Award from the European Arthouse Cinema Association.

Sebastian Meise accepted the award for Best Actor on behalf of Georg Friedrich, and to top it all he was also presented with the main award of the festival! So much heart goes to the heart, accompanied by the touching words of jury president and actress Jasna Đuričić

”There is no court. There are no judges. There is no law. There is no prison. There is no cell. There is no system. There is only truth. There is only struggle. There is only man. There is only love for another man. There is only love. There is great love. There is great freedom. And there is art. And there are artists. Ladies and Gentlemen, the HEART OF SARAJEVO for Best Feature Film by unanimous decision of the jury the award goes to the film Great Freedom!“

We will remember this festival for a long time.

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