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Deborah Söll was born in 1997 and grew up in Vienna. She graduated in 2019 with a degree in Digital Film Production from SAE Institute Vienna. During her studies she learned to shoot short films, music videos and documentaries. Her special interest was the creation of the short film. She often took on the position of director of photography and assistant director. During her studies she attended an acting workshop at the Filmschool Vienna for half a year and a directing workshop with screenwriter and director Paul Schwind. Currently she organizes music videos for various artists together with the young creative collective Blck Alpaca from Vienna and works as a production assistant in the company FreibeuterFilm.

Musikvideos (Auswahl)
2022 – Night for Night (Künstler: Lent)

2021 – Wedding Ring (Künstler: Mike Vallas)

2021 – Asphalt (Künstlerin: Verifiziert)

2021 – SOS (Künstlerin: Verifiziert)

2020 – Allein (Künstlerin: Elevan)

Kurzfilme (Auswahl)
2020 – Lang nicht gesehen (R: Silvo Gasser)

2021 – Nachspeise:Krieg (R: Florian Mayer)