20th September 2013
On 21st September STILL LIFE and OUTING will be released on DVD as part of the new Der Standard / Hoanzl
Edition Der Österreichische Film, which can be purchased in various stores and online shops.

27th August 2013
STILLLEBEN und OUTING will be shown at the Fresh Film Fest in Prague.
The director Sebastian Meise will be part of the jury at this year's festival.

Outing, Th, 29th August, 10:00 PM, Světozor - Small Hall
Stillleben, Sa, 31st August, 4:00 PM, Cinema Svetozor

11th February 2013
STILLLEBEN will attend International Filmfestival - FEST in Belgrade.

Screening dates:
Th, 24th January, 12:30 PM, Dom omladine
Sa, 23rd February, 11:00 PM, Dvorana Kulturnog centra
Su, 24th February, 07:00 PM, Bioskop Fontana

23rd November 2012
Stillleben will take part in competition of the Exground Filmfest in Wiesbaden.

Screening dates: Fr, 23rd November, 08:00 PM, Caligari Filmbühne

06th November 2012
Stillleben will attend European Film Forum Scanorama.

Screening dates:
We, 14th November, 07:00 PM, „Forum Cinemas Vingis“, 3 hall, Vilnius
Fr, 16th November, 07:00 PM, Cinema Centre „Skalvija“, Vilnius
Tu, 20th November, 07:30 PM, „Forum Cinemas Kaune“ 3 hall, Kaunas
Su, 24th November, 03:00 PM, „Forum Cinemas Kaune“, 5 hall, Kaunas

31st Oktober 2012
Stillleben will attend 23rd Ljubljana International Film Festival.

Screening dates:
We, 7th November, 09:00 PM, Kosovel Hall
Fr, 9th November, 03:30 PM, Kinodvor Cinema
So, 11th November, 05:00 PM, Kino Komuna

29th Oktober 2012
Stillleben will attend 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Screening dates:
Fr, 09th November, 03:30 PM, Frida Liappa
Sa, 10th November, 06:00 PM, Stavros Tornes

29th Oktober 2012
Stillleben will be shown at the austrian film weeks in Oslo.

Screening dates:
Tu, 30th October, 08:30 PM, Cinemateket (Dronningens gate 16)

23rd Oktober 2012
Stillleben will attend Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival.

Screening dates:
Tu, 23rd October, 09:15 PM, Kyiv Cinema/ Red hall (19 Chervonoarmiyska Str.)
Th, 25th October, 09:30 PM, Zhovten Cinema/ Gegemon (26 Konstyantynivska Str.)

8th Oktober 2012
Stillleben will be shown at Festival du Nouveau Cinéma in Montréal gezeigt.

Screening dates:
Sa, 13th October, 01:00 PM, Excentris Cassavetes
Do, 18 October, 05:00 PM, Excentris Cassavetes

1st October 2012
Still Life will be shown at Crime and Punishment Festival.

Screening Dates:

Th, 04th October, 07:00 PM, Beyoğlu Sinepop Sineması Salon No 2

1st October 2012
OUTING and Still Life will attend Reykjavík International Film Festival.

Screening dates:

We, 3rd October, 10:15 PM, Bió Paradis 3
Fr, 5th October, 10:30 PM, Bió Paradis 4

Still Life
Fr, 5th October, 08:00 PM, Bió Paradis 4

13th September 2012
STILLLEBEN will be shown at the 19th International Filmfest Oldenburg.

Screening dates:
Th 13th September 2012, 10:30 PM, Casablanca
Sa 15th September 2012, 05:30 PM, EWE Forum Alte Fleiwa

12th September 2012
STILLLEBEN will attend Cologne Conference.

Screening dates in Cologne:
Tu, 2nd October, 10:00 PM, Filmhaus Köln

28th June 2012
STILLLEBEN will participate in the New Talent Competion at Taipei Film Festival.

Screening dates:
Su 1st June, 03:20 PM, Taipei Zhongshan
Tu 3rd June, 05:00 PM, Taipei Zhongshan

04th June 2012
STILLLEBEN will attend Brussels Film Festival.

Screening dates in Brussels:
Fri, 15. June, 10:00 PM, Flagey 1

22nd May 2012
STILLLEBEN will attend Bildrausch Filmfest in Basel.

Screening dates in Basel:
Sun, 3rd June, 01:00 PM, Stadtkino Basel

25th April 2012
STILLLEBEN (STILL LIFE) will participate in the international competition of IndieLisboa Festival.

Screening dates:
Wed, 2nd May, 09:45 PM, Cinema São Jorge, Sala Manoel de Oliveira

28th March 2012
STILLLEBEN (STILL LIFE) will attend Dallas international film festival

Screening dates for STILLLEBEN (STILL LIFE) in Dallas are:
Sun, 15. Apr, 10:30 PM, Angelika 8
Tue, 17. Apr, 10:45 PM, Magnolia 5

26th March 2012
We are pleased to announce that STILLLEBEN (STILL LIFE) was awarded
four prizes at the Diagonale 2012.

Grand prize feature
Cinematographers prize for Gerald Kerkletz
Prize for costume design for Katharina Wöppermann
Thomas Pluch appreciation award for T. Reider & S. Meise

9th March 2012
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will attend this year's Diagonale Film Festival in Graz.

Screening dates Graz:
Wed, 21 Mar, 09:00 PM, KIZ Royal
Fr, 23 Mar, 01:30 PM, KIZ Royal

8th March 2012
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will be shown at the International Film Festival Prague - Febiofest.

Screening dates Prague:
Tue, 27 Mar, 08:30 PM, Cinestar Anděl, Hall 9, Plzeňské pivovary - New Europe Cinema
Wed, 28 Mar, 03:30 PM, Cinestar Anděl, Hall 9, Plzeňské pivovary - New Europe Cinema
Thu, 29 Mar, 11:15 PM, Cinestar Anděl, Hall 6, Deník Metro - Balkan Cinema

8th March 2012
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) takes part in the feature film competition of the
38th International Film Weekend in Würzburg .

Screening dates Würzburg:
Thu, 22. Mar, 06:00 PM, CinemaxX 2
Fr, 23. Mar, 06:00 PM, CinemaxX

21. Feb. 2012
On the occasion of a concert by Sir Tralala and The Golden Gladers an exclusive preview of
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will be shown in the presence of the director Sebastian Meise at the
Cinematograph in Innsbruck on March 10th.

26. Jan. 2012
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will have its US-Premiere at the 14th San Francisco Independent Film Festival 2012
(9th till 23rd February).

Screening Dates San Francisco:
Fr, 10 Feb, 07:15 PM, Roxie Theater A
Thu, 16 Feb, 09:30 PM, Roxie Theater A

13. Jan. 2012
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will be shown in the section Bright Future at the
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012
(25th Jan till 5th February 2012).

Screening Dates Rotterdam:
Thu, 26 Jan, 21:30 PM, Pathé 2
Fri, 27 Jan, 09:30 AM, Pathé 7
Tue, 31 Jan, 10:30 PM, Pathé 7

12. Jan. 2012
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will be shown in the section Debuter at the
Göteborg International Film Festival 2012
(27th Jan till 6th February 2012).

Screening Dates Göteborg:
Th u, 2 Feb, 8 PM, Stadsbiblioteket
Fr, 3 Feb, 3 PM, Stadsbiblioteket
Sun, 5 Feb, 8 PM, Aftonstjärnan

10. Jan. 2012
Screening Dates Filmfestival Saarbrücken / Max-Ophüls-Preis:
Tue, 17 Jan, 7:30 PM, Cinestar 4
Wed, 18 Jan, 11:00 AM, Cinestar 1
Fr, 20 Jan, 9:00 PM, Camera Zwo 2
Sun, 22 Jan, 6:00 PM, Cinestar 2

18. Dec. 2011
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will be shown at the Filmfestival Saarbrücken / Max-Ophüls-Preis
(16th till 22nd January 2012).

17. Dec. 2011
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) is shown at the Istanbul International Meeting of Cinema and History
(17th till 24th of December 2011).

11. Oct. 2011
Screening Dates Viennale

THU 27.10.11, 15:30 pm, Gartenbaukino
SAT 29.10.11, 18:30 pm, Künstlerhauskino

24. Sept. 2011
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) received a Special Jury Mention
"For its creative and sensitive exploration of a difficult and challenging theme" at the
San Sebastian International Film Festival.

23. Sept. 2011
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will have its national premiere at the Viennale 2011.

16. Sept. 2011
STILLLEBEN (Still Life) will have its world premiere at the SAN SEBASTIAN INTERNATIONAL
FILM FESTIVAL, in the Zabaltegi-New Director's Competition, on Wednesday, 21st of September 2011

Screening Dates
Wed, 21 September | 9:30 AM | Principal / Press Screening
Wed, 21 September | 3:30 PM | Kursaal 2 / Premiere
Thu, 22 September | 9:30 AM | Kursaal 2
Thu, 22 September | 6:15 PM | Principe 7