Fiction Feature Film

by Harald Bürkle

Written & Directed by: Harald Bürkle
Producers: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser
Production: FreibeuterFilm


In the late eighties the prestigious Soviet space program was about to go bankrupt. To be able to finance the space program some Western countries were invited to shoot their own citizens into space – for prestige and, of course, for a hefty fee. 
And while in Germany for example only experienced air force pilots were allowed, in Austria it was decided to find potential candidates through a newspaper ad. They were looking for 25-35 year old Austrians in good health who wanted to embark on an adventure and prevail in this unique selection against others. Two candidates had to be found among 500 amateurs who would then be sent to the Soviet Union to undergo a cosmonaut training. ORDINARY HEROES tells the story of these two.

2008 – 2010 American Film Institute, Los Angeles – Masters of Fine Arts in Directing
2002 – 2006 Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu – Bachelor in Communication / Film
End 2010 assisting director Stefan Ruzowitzky in preparation and on set of feature film “Cold Blood”” in Montreal, Canada.
Since 2012 – Script development Ruzo Films, Los Angeles. Preparation and coordination of various film projects by Stefan Ruzowitzky.
Production coordination in US of documentary “Radical Evil” (2012).  Focuses on script and project analysis.
2007 – Broken – Short Film

2008 – About Charlie – Short Film

2009 – Amory Blaine – Short Film


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